"I recently consulted Aroma Centered in an effort to address an ongoing issue with my health. I am so pleased with the personalized support offered at Aroma Centered. Lisa was thorough and considerate of my needs and medical circumstances. I had been skeptical in the past about the alternative approaches towards health, but I'm so grateful for Lisa's knowledge of integrated health. I truly appreciate that her approach relies on a partnership with the client. She's gained a lifelong patron in me."

-Kelcey D.

 "I am sending you this note to thank you! I have been using your Neuropathy cream for about 1-2 months and it has been remarkable. I have had diabetic neuropathy in my feet for years and this is the first treatment that has changed how my feet feel. I was only able to walk about 3 blocks and now since the neuropathy cream I am up to about 10 blocks! I really recommend this to any patient that suffers with neuropathy concerns. I truly do have Happy Feet!"  

-Barb F.  

"Hi Lisa, I just wanted you to know that your face wash and serum are simply amazing! Seriously!! I'm totally in love with your products." 

-Catherine J.

 I met with Lisa and what a wonderful experience it was! The beginning of the session consisted of learning some of the basics of what Aromatherapy can do for you, which was great; I learned so much! But after that, she was able to deeper dive into the individual issues my mom and I had. My concerns had to do with trouble with weight loss, anxiety, and sore muscles. What Lisa was able to do for me was: make me a custom blend of essential oils to help curve hunger, supply me with a balm to help relieve pain in muscles, and introduced me to "Ear Seeds." Let me tell you, that essential oil blend took my hunger away almost immediately! The balm was able to lessen my sore muscles to the point I didn't feel any soreness at all, and the ear seeds seem to be helping as well, so far. I cannot recommend Lisa enough! I look forward to continuing to work with her! :) 

-Katie E.